419 Scam Letters

This is a collection of Letters relating to the ongoing 4-1-9 Scam. You'll probably get them in your email if you don't have proper SPAM or phisher protection. People writing these are really stupid and most reside in Lagos, Nigeria. Never trust anyone from Nigeria when it comes to doing business online.

Sunday, February 26, 2006


Google Okays Abuja for Wireless Network Project

Google announced recently that Nigeria‘s capital Abuja is one of several African cities in which the company will set up a wireless network, one of the company‘s "social responsibility projects". There are probably lots of good reasons for the company‘s decision and there are certainly lots of honest individuals and businesses in Nigeria who will profit from this move. There is however one particular branch of Nigerian business that does not need another boost but will without the slightest doubt profit, too: 419 scams. Considering Google‘s technical possibilities and their position in the market, one might wish the company would do more to promote warnings of these ubiquitous scams.

I make it a sport of hooking those 419 scammers, (lads, we call them). I play them like a trout, and make them do all sort of crazy things while totally wasting their time. I figure I'm keeping them from going after someone whole will believe them.

I've almost got enough material for a book, which I'm shopping around, because I make my end funny.


I guess you didn't read the rest of the blog, but yeah thats the fun part, messing with the scammers.
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soooo...um...you're all saying that you wont send me loads of cash for my exiled wealthy homophobic down-syndrome hermorphadite cousin?

There are no legitimate on line businesses in Nigeria. Not one! If you can find one, I'll eat my words, however as a friend of mine who was there just recently said "all the legit on-line businesses have left."

What is left are "fair trade" organizations and the ubiquitous missions who try to get foreign currency into Lagos without using handouts. These folks are clever enough to have branches both in Nigeria and in the US, Canada, and Britain. If you think YOU can do it, you are welcome...lots of people will help.

Now, that is about all I know on the subject. I too enjoy baiting the lads. Mugu baiting is fun, if you have time on your hands. www.419eaters.com is a good site for that!
It's really a shame that people do such scams.
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