419 Scam Letters

This is a collection of Letters relating to the ongoing 4-1-9 Scam. You'll probably get them in your email if you don't have proper SPAM or phisher protection. People writing these are really stupid and most reside in Lagos, Nigeria. Never trust anyone from Nigeria when it comes to doing business online.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


IM Convo

This is continued from yestarday so if you
didn't read the previous postsplease do so.
Nobody chats with me on Yahoo! Messenger
so I knew it was a scammer.

I had her log in to a website that I created
so that I can get her IP address. After she
signed off, I got another instant message
right away. This time it was Mariam again.

Both IPs were a match and both were geolocated to Lagos, Nigeria in Africa.
mariam 2005-06-16 15:54:14 yes (no hostname)
sherry 2005-06-16 15:42:02 yes (no hostname)
I signed off so that she couldn't ask me for specific details.
She did see this profile that I set up on Yahoo years ago though with incorrect info anyways.
Tommorow I believe there will be a phone call to post up.

came across your blog randomly...love the public service you're doing. If you haven't yet seen it, there's a great book called "Tuesdays with Mantu" about this very thing: http://www.tuesdayswithmantu.com/index2.html

you can also buy on amazon.
so, how do i sign up and start making money with the nigerians?
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Hi, Thanks for your blog. what amazes me is that these ploys must work some of the time or they would not do it. Which means that there are some truly stupid people out there who actually believe in the Gift Horse. I used to get these letters in snail mail to my office but, with the advent of better spam programs, they now come in email. Humans are certainly a gullible lot.
gejuCome and check it out :-)

flash template
Come on, be compassionate. I know sending all of my personal information through the internet to a complete stranger always makes me feel like a great humanitarian!

Thanks for your site. These are pretty unbelieveable- I'd hate to think of my 80 year-old grandmother falling for something like this.
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