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This is a collection of Letters relating to the ongoing 4-1-9 Scam. You'll probably get them in your email if you don't have proper SPAM or phisher protection. People writing these are really stupid and most reside in Lagos, Nigeria. Never trust anyone from Nigeria when it comes to doing business online.

Saturday, February 25, 2006


No Business to Nigerians, rasist?

In my blog description I mentioned never to do online transactions/business with people in Nigeria. Is this rasist? According to one of the comments in this blog it is. I disagree, its not being rasist, its just a precaution. I've sold hundreds of things on the internet and for each item I get about 7 e-mails IP geolocated to Nigeria. 100% of the transactions from Nigeria are a SCAM! When you send them your address they send you about $4000 more or less of counterfeit checks or money orders. They expect you to deduct the money for your merchandise, plus a lucky transaction fee and send the remaining cash directly to the Nigerians as well as the merchandise.

I love cocky sucky - Nigerian Scammer

Name one (1) online Nigerian transaction that was successful. Search Google or something and post a testimonial.

Rasist, ha.

Man: You ain' rasis'! You'z "Rasta!" (as in Rastafarian)! Don' worry; be happy!
In the words of Inspector..Chief Inspector Clouseau: "the old racist ploy". Sprung from a coward hiding behind 'anonymous', no less.

The 'racist' tag is a frequently shopworn, unimaginative response from someone with a chip on their shoulder and a thorough lack of intellect or knowledge. They cry 'racist' at every turn, as if someone is really listening:

Store checker: "Paper or plastic?"
Anonymous: "Racist!"

Person: "No milk for me, I'm lactose intolerant.."
Anonymous: "Racist!"

Person: "I love sunrise.."
Anonymous: "Racist!"

Anonymous, you're a mentally vacuous bonehead.
I'm not so sure about this blogger's claim that all online transactions coming from Nigeria are a scam ... I find such a sweeping statement a tad hard to believe.

One thing though - calling such a comment racist shows clear lack of understanding of the term "racist". Since when has "Nigerian" become a race??
i fail see the racist part... Its just plain sense!
Hey, please learn to spell "racist." I saw it the first time and thought it was a joke. But, alas, it was not, and your lack of vocabulary shows. Please, before you rant, run a spellcheck.

Taht waey wui kan raed teh werds.
I would say that it would depend on who is doing the transaction. If the person being invited into the transaction is a layman, then it is most likely a scam. If it is company to U.S. company (with good legal resources) or even government to U.S. company (with good legal resources) then most likely it's legit.
Olá Amigos da Nigéria, é um prazer poder encontrar seu blog e passar um tempo gostoso de leitura.
Sou Brasileiro estudo a língua Inglesa mas não me arrisco escrever o comentario em Inglês.
Um abraço
I get these damn emails ALL the time and in this case, I don't think it is being racist. For the simple reason being that these letter DO in FACT come from Nigeria. So saying DONT do business with Nigerian emailers, is in effect, not being racist in the particular instance.

I have emailed Yahoo MANY times regarding this and they have done NOTHING. Also just a side note about doing business with Yahoo in general. In MY humble opinion, I wouldn't do business with ANY thing coming out of yahoo. I recently purchased a computer part from a Yahoo store and when the package arrived, the invoice that came with it, was put right in the box on top of the item and GUESS WHAT??? Clearly visible on the label was my ENTIRE credit card number, with my verification pin (the three digit one on the back of the card), my expiration date, name address and phone number. EVERYTHING someone would need to steal my card. And Yahoo SESS nothing wrong with this....

My advice, just don't do ANYTHING with Yahoo LOL
Me personally I think it just a prejudice statement. You have just had some bad dealings with certain people of a certain culture and now you are biased against them. And that is something that you are all guilty of.

I just think that we you attach someones race or culture to it you are gettin gon sticky ground. Beacaue then how do you tell a Nigerian from a Kenyan, or someone from the Congo.

But to each its own, i say as long as your views dont stop or hurt anyone else in their pursuit of happiness i say rock on, i mean i coule care less if someone didnt like black people or women or big girls or whatever.
You guys are so stupid, all I said was don't do online transactions with Nigerians. Simple as that, its not racist. If the transaction was legit and in person in Nigeria then it would be fine.
haha.. scan letts...ur blog actually "rocks" ... i loved reading the comments (^_^)
Not racist whatsoever.

There is a reason they are known as Nigerian 419 scams...almost all of them originate from Nigeria.

If this offends Nigerians, perhaps they should deal with the bad image being presented by these (probably few) scammers in Nigeria rather than waving the racism card round every time anyone complains.
i posted a detailed response to your mail on my blog choosing2exhale.blogspot.com. But i do believe that while you may be correct that SOME NIGERIANS are fradulent. I strongly suggest you re-check your facts cos. its very wrong to categorise ALL NIGERIANS as fradulent. I do transactions online and have lost money to both americans & europeans but that don't make them all crooked does it?
Maybe anonymous was just trying to demonstrate the correct spelling of "Racist"...
I work with a Nigerian (a survivor of the terrible Biafran War/ famine) who tells me that it certainly was true that many people thought scamming was an easy way to make money out of incredibly gullible westerners (and lets face it you must be pretty gullible to fall for most of the Nigerian money scams - or greedy!) but now times are changing - because the standard of living is improving in Nigeria & so scamming is not so attractive. It's the same thing with beggars - you don't see nearly so many when employment is good & housing is cheap!
I am not gullable to these scams, I am a scam baiter. Do you know what the sport of scam baiting is?
How do you "Geo-locate" IP addresses?
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