419 Scam Letters

This is a collection of Letters relating to the ongoing 4-1-9 Scam. You'll probably get them in your email if you don't have proper SPAM or phisher protection. People writing these are really stupid and most reside in Lagos, Nigeria. Never trust anyone from Nigeria when it comes to doing business online.

Friday, May 26, 2006


Convo through PalTalk

peace_be: hello
peace_be: nce to kwu
peace_be: trader here
profs77: ?
peace_be: mle 29/trader
peace_be: ad u
profs77: Male 18 trader.
peace_be: where
profs77: Not much money to trade though.
profs77: Sacramento.
peace_be: which country
profs77: US.
profs77: What about you?
peace_be: morocco
peace_be: wht knd of trade u do
profs77: I want to do scalping.
profs77: But I don't have that much.
peace_be: i do fossiles stone
profs77: Trading commisions are $15.95 for me.
peace_be: sry brother
profs77: Morrocco I haven't heard of that much, I have to check Google Earth for that one.
peace_be: ys
peace_be: north africa
profs77: Yeah I see.
profs77: So you trade in American Markets?
peace_be: i look fr investor
profs77: ?
peace_be: true we have many privilges in our country bt i need fr a shared project
profs77: fr?
peace_be: for
profs77: What do you mean, you need for a shared project?
peace_be: i wanr someone with whom i share a project
profs77: An investment project?
peace_be: ys
profs77: One that you make on your own or what a stock?
peace_be: i live in a touristic tiny city
peace_be: i want to make a project with a foreinger sponsor
peace_be: i can prove 1000 square place i n which we make a project
peace_be: provide
profs77: Sorry, I'm having a very hard time understanding what you are saying.
peace_be: oh yes
profs77: Foreigner sponsor? Are you trying to immigrate to the US?
peace_be: may be u dont underdatnd me wll
profs77: wll?
peace_be: i mean fr instnce
peace_be: no
peace_be: i want to set up a project in our country
profs77: What kind of project are you talking about?
peace_be: with a person who has money especially from usa
profs77: Like a science project? Building house project?
peace_be: touristic
profs77: Whats that?
peace_be: building house project
peace_be: do u undersatnd
profs77: No.
peace_be: many foreingers comes to invest in our country
profs77: You want me to pay you money to build a house in Kindom of Morrocco?
peace_be: i want u to share me a project
peace_be: if possible
profs77: What project, explain the project.
peace_be: jsut a kind of suggestion
peace_be: wll
peace_be: here there are many
profs77: What does wll mean?
peace_be: jsut we can talk about 2 o 3 nes
peace_be: it means
peace_be: restaurant coffee / auberge /
peace_be: ad it depends ...
peace_be: those sort of project get a lot many here
profs77: a lot many?
profs77: What does this mean?
profs77: What does nes mean?
peace_be: mony
peace_be: money
profs77: Nintendo Entertainment System?
peace_be: wht srry
profs77: Is it a similar project to this one: http://sunnybrook.unsquareddesign.com/adsense.php?investment
profs77: ?
peace_be: i m stil look fr tht link
peace_be: it desnt wok
profs77: It does too.
peace_be: oh ys
peace_be: wll
profs77: What does wll mean!?!?!?
peace_be: listen there is another good project
peace_be: which is related to u domains
peace_be: import of dell pc ?
peace_be: dell pc ?
peace_be: how much do they cost their ?
peace_be: dell pentium 3
profs77: Dell maybe $300
profs77: Pentium III not for sale anymore.
peace_be: sure
peace_be: but if u try to find them
peace_be: cant u find them ?
peace_be: they are expensive here
profs77: Buy over the internet then.
peace_be: ad u ll get good commison fr that
peace_be: i want older ones
profs77: How will I get good commission?
peace_be: may be some company get rid of them
peace_be: 50 dollar fe each pc
peace_be: for
profs77: I doubt it but I can build computers cheap.
peace_be: it is good business if u like
peace_be: they cost here 150 us dollar
peace_be: u take 50 dllr
profs77: Ok
peace_be: have u visted morocco
profs77: No.
peace_be: u are welcome to discver th eunknown beatiful country
profs77: Buy me a plane ticket.
peace_be: oh ys s
peace_be: just i prove wh accomodation brther
profs77: ?
profs77: I don't understand what you said.
peace_be: i provide accomodation
profs77: Oh okay.
peace_be: bt no tekitt
peace_be: by the way is it easy to go to usa?
profs77: You mean but no Ticket?
profs77: I don't really know.
profs77: You need a passport.
peace_be: u kw brother it is expensive fr me
peace_be: wht else i hve it
peace_be: have
profs77: You mean everything else you have it?
peace_be: i have apssport
peace_be: i need work contract
profs77: What is fossiles stone?
You just sent a nudge!
peace_be: ater billoin of years
peace_be: after
peace_be: there were many creature on earth ad there were water
profs77: Yeah those I understand.
peace_be: ggod
profs77: Fossils, thats the kind of trading you do?
peace_be: ys
profs77: Why are you at this room, do you do stock trading.
peace_be: no lok fr investor
profs77: Have you heard of 419?
peace_be: n
peace_be: no
peace_be: wht i si t
peace_be: wht is i t
profs77: I don't do business over seas.
peace_be: oh ys
profs77: Its a law code in Nigeria.
peace_be: srry take care
profs77: So thats it?
peace_be: www.harunyahya.com
peace_be: just a gift from me to kw about islam
peace_be: www.sultan.org
profs77: Whats that fossil site?
peace_be: no tey talk about islam
profs77: Why are you giving me something about islam.
profs77: ?
You just sent a nudge!
profs77: Is that a way to make the 419 scam appeal less likely to be a scam?
You just sent a nudge!
peace_be: hello
peace_be: i m srry
profs77: Sorry of what?
peace_be: since u dont do business over seas
peace_be: so i sent u those as kind of relationship
peace_be: is it ok ?
profs77: Is it okay? What is it for?
peace_be: they give u information about islam
profs77: I don't care about being a muslim.
peace_be: wll no problm
peace_be: may be one day u l have tendency to check
profs77: Never.
profs77: Are you trying to make your self look religious and trustworthy by showing me Muslim shit, then you want to scam me with a 419 scam?
You just sent a nudge!
You just sent a nudge!
You just sent a nudge!
peace_be: listen brother
peace_be: take it easy
peace_be: we look fr water when we are thirsty
peace_be: may be now u are not so
peace_be: so take care ad i m srry once again
profs77: Sorry for what though?
profs77: You didn't answer this question: Are you trying to make your self look religious and trustworthy by showing me Muslim shit, then you want to scam me with a 419 scam?
You just sent a nudge!
peace_be: no
peace_be: dont go far brother
peace_be: i m so serious
profs77: What are you sorry for?
peace_be: i want our meeting to be fruitful
profs77: Fruitful?
profs77: Meeting where?
profs77: What are you sorry for?
peace_be: since there is no business i want to end our discussion to throw u attention to ths sites
peace_be: srry to bother u
peace_be: simply
profs77: Okay, bye.
peace_be: ok thks fr u tolerance

Moroccan fossils are big business over there. A friend of mine imports from an intermediary, and has discovered that they are often faked. Very good fakes at that!!

This looked to me like a self styled wheeler dealer who was actually looking for an honest to gawd investor to put money into his fossil exporting business. Of course, if you were to put money into his business, that would likely be the last you would see of it, but rather than being a 419 scam, it would be a simple theft of investsment capital.
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